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Buying a New Build?

It is important to have an Agent represent your interests! A Realtor has extensive experience in advising the type of house to buy, market price, and other upgrades to suggest.

It is very important to know what can be changed after the house is completed and what things cannot be changed such as the ceiling height or number of windows.

The Builder’s Agent is representing the builder’s interests, and your real estate professional will represent your interests in negotiations with the seller (Builder).

RECA always recommends having your own representation when buying a property, whether it is a new build, resale, a condo, or even a commercial or rural property. 

Typically, buyer’s representatives are paid by the Builder. The price of the house will be same whether the buyer brings an Agent or not for the reputable Builders.

Some builders, however, do not offer commission to buyer’s agents. If that is the case, your real estate representative might suggest going to a Builder who will compensate your Agent.

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